A learner willing to learn more


Cleaning of the wound after circumcision – 7

The recurring back injury – 7

First break-up – 9


Food chemistry is quite the difficult topic, but probably one of the most fun at that. Probably i feel the main reason for this is because we actually see physically what the lessons are about and how they apply to our lives. You can understand more mainly why the shelf life is given and how the shelf life can either be prolonged or shortened. Probably this is why food chemistry remains to be an interesting topic. I like too how i can finally understand more why i am told to do all these things.


Today, we did not have a discussion. I guess we are pretty much done with all that needs to be discussed. For today, we simply had a unit assessment. I honestly am not sure where some of those questions came from since they were neither in the book nor in the discussion, at least from what I can recall. Today, i truly realized how people say food chemistry is not that difficult except we probably have to memorize a lot of things and definitely should have mastered our past lessons, namely organic chemistry. I did not have much a mastery of organic chemistry so this is probably why i have been having a hard time although interested in answering the unit assessment.


Since probably we are done learning all the things for food chemistry, maybe i realized how much i still lack in mastery of those that i though I’ve known of this topic and my past topic. It is a good thing I realized it now that the break is about to begin. Now, i feel like I want or perhaps need to study, review and master the lessons during the break. I don’t think this Christmas break will be much of a break, but IB is almost done, and I am looking forward to graduating with good grades. Just a little more push for a little while longer. Perhaps this may have been the value of this seemingly chill but rather eye-opening day.


Last monday was an interesting day. Not only did we receive our report cards, but also learned about some weird foods that I wouldn’t have thought are actually even eaten in the first place. From the list given by our teacher from three sites, I believe the silkworm larvae (Beondegi), tarantula, Casu Marzue (maggot cheese), live octopus and codfish sperm is the weirdest it can get. I think these foods are perhaps the weirdest mainly because it’s the grossest. In the first place, why would you like to eat maggots or silkworms or any of these insects? I don’t think they have any taste. Perhaps it’s even slimy especially the live octopus that you have to fight it to eat it in a way that it’s tentacles will stick to anything it touches aka or your mouth. Yuck! It’s just so hard to imagine eating them especially since a lot of them are still alive like the maggot cheese where if you eat the cheese when the maggots are dead, that would actually be poisonous. I mean you are required to eat it alive … nasty!!


I think these foods are weird, trying to think objectively, setting the slime, blood and insects aside, because we are simply not accustomed to them. For example, the balut was actually part of the list, but i am used to eating that already so i don’t think it’s weird at all. Perhaps it’s just because they seem so far from what we’d usually that it becomes weird to us. I guess they are still food. Anyway, food as a great woman once said (naks naks hahahah) is something that you can eat, digest and consume normally. I think what is considered normal is something that’s already dead and cooked. If it’s still alive, moving or raw, then i think that would be not. 


Chemistry is a very interesting subject. Sometimes you understand it, most of the times, you don’t. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because it is really hard or i study it too much because I love it too much that I end up not knowing anything (*wink* *wink* hahahah). A lot of times, it may get confusing especially with Acids and Bases and Titration. You have to memorize this and memorize that. However, what I somewhat realized is, the more you study it, the more you understand it. The more you understand it, the less you need to memorize it. They less you memorize it, the more relaxed and enjoyable the subject becomes to me.


As deadlines pile up now with ALL THE EXPERIMENTS DUE in chemistry (*wink* hahahah), I guess you end up thinking, there is nothing I can do about it except to do it. Now, the experiments are a lot more complex and you have to apply everything in the lessons to do the experiment. I’m quite happy that in a way, the experiment serves also as a reminder for me to review my notes. I’m quite worried though if ever i’m doing the right thing. Whatever the case, I still enjoy chemistry especially with how it is taught and who I am with as I learn it. Perhaps I realized, a lot of things may be a challenge…at first, but if you’re with the right people and give it the right time, it will still be hard, but at least you die enjoying it. 🙂


Business and Management is a very interesting course, and I am glad I took it as one of my subjects. Not only do I learn more on business as a topic itself, but there are also other skills I get to develop in this class such as writing skills and learning to answer the question and nothing more or less than that. Since it was a new topic, i started out pretty clueless, but with the help of our teacher and his methods, I found it fun to learn. The lessons were not too hard since both the teacher and the book provided a good source from where we can learn. The lessons were not too fast paced and a lot of them were just connecting the dots we commonly take for granted. After a year of this, I feel like I’ve changed to being a better student.

For this course, I believe understanding the concepts were not too challenging. As said earlier, we are generally familiar with many concepts. We just need to add the labels. It was also helpful to have the book filled with examples, therefore knowing to differentiate the different concepts wasn’t too hard. However, come the test, most of us had bad test taking skills especially I. It was hard to interpret what we were thinking into words without spending too much explaining or contextualizing the answers back to the case. WIth all the terms too, it was hard remembering all of them as the semtest drew closer. Now I believe I should simply constantly review the terms so as not to forget them, and to practice testing often so as to improve on this. Sometimes, all it takes is practice, and we know practice makes perfect.

For me, one of the most current business issues that interest me is Facebook and how it made itself a public limited company. Supposedly, changing a private into a public limited company brings in more resources and investment. This is supposed to help the company improve more and therefore also increasing its value. However, there is a risk of a possible takeover. When looking into the case of Facebook, the value of its stocks decreased. The effect was negative and it was not what we usually learned. I am not sure exactly why but this certainly interests me. Maybe this may be a case study that will help us look at more concepts or simply risks in another light.


Least needed characteristics:

IB learners need least to be PRINCIPLED. Being principled limits you in so many ways. In makes one not explore certain aspects in the possible market. Thinking realistically, we do not live in an ideal world. If you were to be principled and always uphold the dignity of the individual, then you will be spending too much time trying to take the one hundred percent moral path and waste too much time. It is not that we encourage shortcuts. We just encourage being practical.

IB learners need least also to be CARING. It’s understandable to be caring but for a learner, it is not really related to learning. Caring may be placed under another category but also caring, just like being principled, may limit one’s potential. Sometimes, being caring makes one not be able to take risks because it may risk his friend or another person. What happens instead of doing what needs to be done, one procrastinates or takes an alternate, less convenient and less efficient path.

Needed characteristics:

IB learners should be PERSEVERING. The IB program challenges you in so many ways, not only in the field of academics, but also in the field of extra curricular activities (through CAS). This makes the life of a student very challenging. However, the end results make you very well rounded and ready to take on the different aspects of life.

IB learners should also be RESOURCEFUL. They must learn how to use all the resources they have to the best of what it can be so as not to waste time. A lot of times, IB will give you so much to do and one must be able to very efficient. Sometimes, one does not know what to do or how to do it. With this trait, the IB learner may be able to work more efficiently and have more time to do the other requirements of IB.


So today was another complicated day of Chemistry, you know, the usual. I don’t know but i think i got used to the “i don’t get it” phrase already so me not getting chemistry isn’t much of a surprise. Anyway, today we talked about the Higher Level topic of our lesson. It was pretty difficult to get. There was even a trick question our teacher gave us, and it was annoying especially since i don’t like not getting the lesson. I just told myself, if i understood the trick question, I guess i’d be able to answer the other questions too since the trick question is the most complicated. Just so you will have an idea, the trick question involved three substances and from the given table, you have to solve for the concentration of the reactant. This subject would kill me if it weren’t for my teacher. Luckily, she is a more lively than others so falling asleep isn’t as easy. At least once you get it, that’s after a long time of asking teacher and classmates, you understand that it isn’t so hard. It’s also nice to have someone suffering with you, you know, about another 24 students who are also having a hard time. haha


Chemistry has a lot of uses in our daily lives. In allows us to understand many simple (simple? haha lol) concepts that may actually explain occurrences in our daily lives and also, improve on it. Perhaps, it’s only when we’ve gone deeper into chemistry do we learn to appreciate it. For example, with cooking, we know that the higher the temperature, the faster the reaction. This is why we freeze our food. We know that freezing greatly decreases the temperature of the food slowing down the reactions (including decay) of the food. On the other hand, if we put frozen food into a warm place for defrosting before cooking, we may just have to wait a shorter time.

We also know in medicine that we have catalysts that speed up the reaction in our bodies. This is how we may have for example a faster digestion or quicker immune system or alike. Perhaps after more discussion however will we be able to look further into medicine.

As we can see from above, understanding all these concepts may help us not only get high grades in school but with our daily lives. Not only can we live more efficiently but also more comfortably. Note that by knowing exactly how fast the rate of reaction is measured in the reaction, we may time exactly how we operate in our daily lives and thus help improve our lives more.


Mahal na Puno ng Kagawaran ng Edukasyon, Brother Armin Luistro,

Kaming mga kabataan ay may isang magandang ideya na makabubuti sa aking mga kababayan at sa mga Pilipino. Ito rin ay makabubuti sa inyo. Sana po sa paraan ng itong sulat, maiintindihan ninyo ang aming mga hiling at ito’y iyong pabigyan.

Importante ang mga linguahe sa pagkakaisa ng isang bansa. Sa ngayon, ang mga Indio sa Pilipinas ay hindi nagkakaintindihan tuwing kausapin nila ang mga Espanyol. Marami ring mga aklat para sa medisina at iba pang hanapbuhay ay gumagamit ng Kastila. Dahil dito, walang pagkakataong paunlarin ang mga buhay ng mga Filipino o Indio kung tawagin nila. Naniniwala ako na ang lunas sa mga pagkukulang ng komunikasyon ay wala kung hindi ang magkakaisa ng linguahe. Dahil ang mga Espanyol na ang mga tagasakop, maiiintindihan ko kung ayaw nila lalo maghirap. Sa aking palagay rin, ang pag-aaral ng isang wika ay mahirap. Sa ganitiong paraan, minumungkahi ko sa inyo na payagan kaming magturo ng wikang Espanyol. Hindi na sa gobyerno ang mabigat na responsibilidad na magtayo ng mga gusali o kung kaya magsahod ng mga guro. Kami na po ang bahala riyan.

Lahat ng mga kailangan handain para sa pagtayo nitong paaralan ay handa na. Ang lugar ay gagaling sa mga sabungan. Ang mga sabungan ay lugar lang ng bisyo ng mga tao. Mas maganda sana kung ang lugar na pambisyo ay gawing lugar na pampaunlad, ang liwanag sa kadiliman ng kamangmangan. Alam po namin na mahilig talaga po ang mga Filipino sa ganitong bisyo at nakakakuha talaga ang mga prayle at gobyerno ng malaking pera ligal man o hindi. Tuwing malaking fiesta, isuspinde ang klase. Sabi nga po na hindi tama ang mensahe na lumalabas sa ganitong aksyon pero mas maganda na nakakapag-aral ang mga bata kaysa sa wala. Dahil dito, sana po, supurtahin ninyo kami.

Mahirap lang po ito gawin at nangangailangan po tayo ng tulong dahil malakas po ang hindi lang tao kung ang institusyon kumakalabn sa amin, ang mga frayle ng simbahan. Ayaw po nila na matuto ang mga Filipino ng Kastila dahil maiintindihan ng mga Filipino ang mga batas na isinakatuparan sa bansang ito. Baka raw magsisimula ang sariling pagpapakahulugan sa mga batas at makikita nila ang mga pang-aabuso ng mga Kastila sa kanila. Baka raw hindi na sila susunod na walang malay kundi magsisimula ang kanilang pagkokontra sa mga pamamalakad ng mga Kastila. Dahil makatututo rin ang mga Filipino ng medisina at ang batas, tataas ng posisyon ang mga Filipino sa lipunan at mawawalan ng unti-unti ang mga Kastila, lalo na ang mga prayle na namumuno dahil sa kamangmangan ng Filipino, sa pagiging makapangyarihan nila. Gaano man ko gustung kontrahin o bali walain itong mga prayle, masyadong malakas ang kanilang impluwensya sa Pilipinas at ito ang dahilan bakit kailangan ko po ang tulong ninyo.

Paminsan din po, hindi natin maiiwasan na mag-isip kung ano ang ating makikinabang sa mg proyektong ito. Una, hindi po kayo maiisturbo sa mga kailangang gawin upang ito’y magtagumpay. Ang lugar, pera, guro at kagamitan ay sagot na po namin. Pangalawa, dahil matututo ang mga Filipino ng Kastila, magiging mas madali ang pakikipag-usap ng mga Kastila at Filipino. Mas magkaiisa ang ating bayan at mas tatatag ang ating kaugnyan. Pangatlo, magkakaroon tayo ng mataas na nibel ng edukadong Filipino. Magkakaroon tayo nga mga abogado, manggagamot at marami pang ibang may hanapbuhay. Isa itong maaaring ipagyabang pagbalik ninyo po sa Espanya. Ang pinakahuli, gaganda ang pagtingin ng mga Filipino sa inyo. Rerespetuhin po kayo at titingin sa inyo na isang maawain na lider, hindi madaya at mapag-unawa.

Maraming mga magagandang epekto ang maidudulot nitong proyekto. Hindi lang gaganda ang Pilipinas kundi ang koneksyon ng mga Filipino sa mga Kastilang namumuno rito. Intindihan po ninyo sana na tunay lang na uunlad ang isang bayan kung malakas ang pagkakaisa nito at may respeto sa isa’t isa.

Marming salamat po at inaasahan ko po na matutupad ang aming maganda at matalinong proyekto na tutulong sa Pilipinas at sa inyo rin po.

Ang matapat ninyong mamamayan,

David Gozali


Chocolate square (the size you wish to use on each S’more): 14.42 g

Marshmallow: 30.92 g

Graham cracker (the size you wish to use on each S’more): 17.14 g

(let G represent the graham crackers, M represent the marshmallows, C represent the chocolate and S represent the S’mores)

G2 + 6M + 1C => 1S

S’more: 64.60 g

Only one product or S’more formed.


Making the S’mores was such a wonderful way of learning. Although we only made one due to the amount of materials we had, the one little piece (after removing all the burnt edges) tasted delicious. Not only did we work hard on it because it was a school activity, but also we payed full attention since there was a scrumptious reward in the end.

Through this experience, i feel there was a relationship present between the S’more made and the raw materials (or reactants). Their masses seemed to have only increased by about 2 grams but considering the possible errors, perhaps the we can say this is a good an near accurate proof or example of the Law of Conservation of Mass and that the mass of the reactants is conserved.

The experiment’s product was delicious but we can only make one due to the lack of chocolates. Because we had only a little to use, we became limited. Thus, perhaps we can call the echolocate our limiting reactant in this experiment. Luckily, we still had extra marshmallows and graham crackers or our so-called excess reactants in this experiment. The total mass of each marshmallow is about 140 grams and the graham crackers, 105 grams.