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Our world today is very sophisticated. We have so many ways for answering so many questions. From Science to English, Philosophy to Psychology, we have methods to discovering answers to the questions our curiosity brings about. For example, to find out different answers to Science, we perform experiments. We apply questioning, testing then recording. This can also be applied to other aspects of life. One of the most important parts of these steps are the recording. Recording allows to not let our results go to waste nor be forgotten. Through recording we also get to publish our answers and share them. With everyone sharing their results, and everyone joining their results, our knowledge comes about. All our discoveries and findings, all our mistakes and alike, when all put together, comes about a whole new group of ideas and facts thus forming the knowledge we know today.

Even though it takes a while for most kids to have contribution to this grouped ideas and facts known as knowledge, I am lucky enough to have a head start into turning my mindset into thinking more about reality and life. I feel like this TOK could allow me to open up, change my habit of thinking how everybody thinks. I believe this could help me become the opposite from mainstream, which could allow me to create my own unique personality and identity. Many people would take their whole lives trying to get the chance to open up. This might be my chance, and I am so lucky to have received it early. I am quite excited for this subject and really interested. Hopefully, I would not get disappointed.

There are many things in this world people don’t understand. I for one don’t understand so much things, especially about life. I was always thinking why do people believe in religion so much but they do not have concrete evidence. Why does the world also revolve around peer pressure when that all relies in the state of mind?


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