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TOK Blog Based On The Three Videos

Many videos portray different messages. There are different scenes that give out different aspects of life. Thus, certain videos allow us to feel certain feelings. Some may be happy. Others on the other hand may leave us scared. This TOK class, we were meant to watch three videos. The first video was supposedly a stand up comedy. At first, it was quite puzzling. I did not really understand what he was saying. It’s like his jokes are either to shallow or far out that I do not understand or maybe they are super smart jokes that you’d have to be smart to get them. Then again, many of his jokes were about what old people experience thus maybe in the future, I would be able to understand them. Then he talked about some stereotypes about men and women. Once it came to the point about girls being so talkative and jumbling their ideas while men not really caring about all the details, I understood what he said and could relate. This is where I started to laugh. After this, I became interested to listen. The second video was something related to instant art.I only found out about this though after the whole video. At first, I was very bored. I did not know what he was doing. I was just like he’s trying to draw something with water and a black background, not so interesting for me. As he continued though, I started seeing little parts resembling a face. I started being curious about who he was drawing and how it would look like in the end. With just glue, there was no concrete picture that can be seen, not by me at least. I was then waiting for him to finish. After he drew the whole face, it didn’t look so wonderful, not until he flung glitters or some kind of powder. After this, it looked beautiful. I was left in amazement and definitely, I respect him now. The last video for me was the most unusual. I did not like it in any way. It started out very boring. It seemed like World War 2, but not the guns part. It was the dark shady part of the war. Then came the point where the mother had to choose between her children. I felt so much pity for that mother. She did nothing wrong and now she had to choose between her two children on who to live, right in front of her. It was very sad. In the end, when they brought the girl away, I felt pretty weird and in awe. My mouth was like open and my eyes open wide. I doubt it was a good thing what I was feeling. I just do not know how to call it. Videos really let those who watch feel emotions. Although it may not be that good, the audience may still feel something whether it is bored or does not really show much interest. Some of the videos brought up certain emotions that we aren’t voluntarily choosing. Nevertheless, the power of videos truly is strong.


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