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Bad Feelings Are Good?

We had to read an article on how bad feelings can be beneficial to us. It is very interesting since most people would think bad feelings are just a source of negative vibes that just makes the person’s life much more complicated. People also say that having bad feelings can trigger cancer and other illnesses therefore must ignored. However, in this article, I learned that bad feelings, when viewed correctly, may actually help improve a person.

I agree with this article. Most feelings we feel are from our own experiences. Emotions such as sadness do not randomly come about. They are grounded on what we see, feel and what our senses perceive and what our brain thinks. Thus, we can say that feelings are based on what has been happening to us. I agree with this article because it is true that having bad feelings can be your heart telling you that something is wrong and you need some thinking to do. You aren’t suppose to shy away from all the bad feelings you have. Instead, we should be open, accept the circumstance and just work from there to improve into making our hearts feel happy instead. For example, I once got a very low grade in Biology in second year. My grades for this subject went down by around 10 points in the report card. It was my first time to get this low. I was taught to accept it. This means that I was either not giving too much attention to this subject or simply not paying attention. Therefore, feeling bad for a while is acceptable but I learned that life goes on and i had to change my ways. Thus, I gave more time to this subject and listened in class more. After this, my grades went back up my 10 points and I was quite happy with it.

I was actually really surprised with the fact that no one has ever died with just feelings. I was quite wondering how she could conclude and generalize everyone when there have been cases where depression caused a heart attack. Were our bad feelings however really created to tell us what we need or are bad feelings present to make us regret? Are all these outlooks on bad feelings universal with everyone or is it subjective? Should we feel bad on a regular basis then?


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