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Another Day of Chemistry

So today was another complicated day of Chemistry, you know, the usual. I don’t know but i think i got used to the “i don’t get it” phrase already so me not getting chemistry isn’t much of a surprise. Anyway, today we talked about the Higher Level topic of our lesson. It was pretty difficult to get. There was even a trick question our teacher gave us, and it was annoying especially since i don’t like not getting the lesson. I just told myself, if i understood the trick question, I guess i’d be able to answer the other questions too since the trick question is the most complicated. Just so you will have an idea, the trick question involved three substances and from the given table, you have to solve for the concentration of the reactant. This subject would kill me if it weren’t for my teacher. Luckily, she is a more lively than others so falling asleep isn’t as easy. At least once you get it, that’s after a long time of asking teacher and classmates, you understand that it isn’t so hard. It’s also nice to have someone suffering with you, you know, about another 24 students who are also having a hard time. haha


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