A learner willing to learn more

Improvements to the IB Learner Profile

Least needed characteristics:

IB learners need least to be PRINCIPLED. Being principled limits you in so many ways. In makes one not explore certain aspects in the possible market. Thinking realistically, we do not live in an ideal world. If you were to be principled and always uphold the dignity of the individual, then you will be spending too much time trying to take the one hundred percent moral path and waste too much time. It is not that we encourage shortcuts. We just encourage being practical.

IB learners need least also to be CARING. It’s understandable to be caring but for a learner, it is not really related to learning. Caring may be placed under another category but also caring, just like being principled, may limit one’s potential. Sometimes, being caring makes one not be able to take risks because it may risk his friend or another person. What happens instead of doing what needs to be done, one procrastinates or takes an alternate, less convenient and less efficient path.

Needed characteristics:

IB learners should be PERSEVERING. The IB program challenges you in so many ways, not only in the field of academics, but also in the field of extra curricular activities (through CAS). This makes the life of a student very challenging. However, the end results make you very well rounded and ready to take on the different aspects of life.

IB learners should also be RESOURCEFUL. They must learn how to use all the resources they have to the best of what it can be so as not to waste time. A lot of times, IB will give you so much to do and one must be able to very efficient. Sometimes, one does not know what to do or how to do it. With this trait, the IB learner may be able to work more efficiently and have more time to do the other requirements of IB.


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