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Entering Business and Management This Year, All Set and Ready

Business and Management is a very interesting course, and I am glad I took it as one of my subjects. Not only do I learn more on business as a topic itself, but there are also other skills I get to develop in this class such as writing skills and learning to answer the question and nothing more or less than that. Since it was a new topic, i started out pretty clueless, but with the help of our teacher and his methods, I found it fun to learn. The lessons were not too hard since both the teacher and the book provided a good source from where we can learn. The lessons were not too fast paced and a lot of them were just connecting the dots we commonly take for granted. After a year of this, I feel like I’ve changed to being a better student.

For this course, I believe understanding the concepts were not too challenging. As said earlier, we are generally familiar with many concepts. We just need to add the labels. It was also helpful to have the book filled with examples, therefore knowing to differentiate the different concepts wasn’t too hard. However, come the test, most of us had bad test taking skills especially I. It was hard to interpret what we were thinking into words without spending too much explaining or contextualizing the answers back to the case. WIth all the terms too, it was hard remembering all of them as the semtest drew closer. Now I believe I should simply constantly review the terms so as not to forget them, and to practice testing often so as to improve on this. Sometimes, all it takes is practice, and we know practice makes perfect.

For me, one of the most current business issues that interest me is Facebook and how it made itself a public limited company. Supposedly, changing a private into a public limited company brings in more resources and investment. This is supposed to help the company improve more and therefore also increasing its value. However, there is a risk of a possible takeover. When looking into the case of Facebook, the value of its stocks decreased. The effect was negative and it was not what we usually learned. I am not sure exactly why but this certainly interests me. Maybe this may be a case study that will help us look at more concepts or simply risks in another light.


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