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Food… Wait It’s Actually Food???

Last monday was an interesting day. Not only did we receive our report cards, but also learned about some weird foods that I wouldn’t have thought are actually even eaten in the first place. From the list given by our teacher from three sites, I believe the silkworm larvae (Beondegi), tarantula, Casu Marzue (maggot cheese), live octopus and codfish sperm is the weirdest it can get. I think these foods are perhaps the weirdest mainly because it’s the grossest. In the first place, why would you like to eat maggots or silkworms or any of these insects? I don’t think they have any taste. Perhaps it’s even slimy especially the live octopus that you have to fight it to eat it in a way that it’s tentacles will stick to anything it touches aka or your mouth. Yuck! It’s just so hard to imagine eating them especially since a lot of them are still alive like the maggot cheese where if you eat the cheese when the maggots are dead, that would actually be poisonous. I mean you are required to eat it alive … nasty!!


I think these foods are weird, trying to think objectively, setting the slime, blood and insects aside, because we are simply not accustomed to them. For example, the balut was actually part of the list, but i am used to eating that already so i don’t think it’s weird at all. Perhaps it’s just because they seem so far from what we’d usually that it becomes weird to us. I guess they are still food. Anyway, food as a great woman once said (naks naks hahahah) is something that you can eat, digest and consume normally. I think what is considered normal is something that’s already dead and cooked. If it’s still alive, moving or raw, then i think that would be not. 


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