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Last Chemistry Class 2012

Food chemistry is quite the difficult topic, but probably one of the most fun at that. Probably i feel the main reason for this is because we actually see physically what the lessons are about and how they apply to our lives. You can understand more mainly why the shelf life is given and how the shelf life can either be prolonged or shortened. Probably this is why food chemistry remains to be an interesting topic. I like too how i can finally understand more why i am told to do all these things.


Today, we did not have a discussion. I guess we are pretty much done with all that needs to be discussed. For today, we simply had a unit assessment. I honestly am not sure where some of those questions came from since they were neither in the book nor in the discussion, at least from what I can recall. Today, i truly realized how people say food chemistry is not that difficult except we probably have to memorize a lot of things and definitely should have mastered our past lessons, namely organic chemistry. I did not have much a mastery of organic chemistry so this is probably why i have been having a hard time although interested in answering the unit assessment.


Since probably we are done learning all the things for food chemistry, maybe i realized how much i still lack in mastery of those that i though I’ve known of this topic and my past topic. It is a good thing I realized it now that the break is about to begin. Now, i feel like I want or perhaps need to study, review and master the lessons during the break. I don’t think this Christmas break will be much of a break, but IB is almost done, and I am looking forward to graduating with good grades. Just a little more push for a little while longer. Perhaps this may have been the value of this seemingly chill but rather eye-opening day.


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