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Amidst Despair

The Philippines has suffered great after the consecutive raging storms of Ondoy and Pepeng, which has caused many people to lose their homes, cars and even more importantly, family and friends. At the moment, it is very hard to see God’s plan for us. Just like in the story of Abraham, wherein God tested his faith by asking him to kill his own beloved son, Isaac, it was very hard to see God’s plan for him, but he still followed God at all cost. I am for certain that Abraham doubted God in some part of his journey, but he did not give up in believing in God and His plan. This is called faith. God sent him on a journey after making a covenant wherein he learned how to have faith in God. He loved God above all things. We too must be like Abraham, that in times of trial and hardship, we must do our best and leave it to God to do the rest, to have faith in him. Our fellow Filipinos including I, especially those who have been severely affected, must we must do our best to stand up again from this disaster and find out the blessing behind it. Maybe we see that God’s plan is to reclaim the water ways that have been long lost, and maybe for those who died, it was time to take them before they do something bad, to join Him in heaven. We must do what we can do and leave it to God afterwards. Like the saying goes: “Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa”. Just like in the story I heard from Mr. Ocampo about the lady who had nothing left of her house but still helped out in the repacking in the relief center, we must see the brighter side of things, and grow in it.

Isaac, the son of Abraham in the Bible, is a passive person. He was arranged a marriage by his father. His son was married to a foreigner and even was tricked by his wife to give the blessing intended for his firstborn to Jacob, the second son.  His story was actually the shortest story in the Bible. He just let everything go as it is. It may seem ironic, but this Isaac’s way, which is leaving it to God to fulfill his plan. It actually gives a stronger, bolder affirmation of the human faith in God. Isaac always saw the brighter side of everything, this is actually hope. To hope means to let God act his plan in you, not as a puppet but more of a musician in the orchestra. We must be like Isaac. We must do our part in fulfilling God’s plan while allowing Him to act in us. In times of despair, especially now that these two tremendous storms hit us, we must not panic nor lose faith. We must hope. As a citizen of the Philippines, we must lessen the blockage of waterways even in our own little way like by segregating our trash properly. We must not encourage too much of the lessening of waterways in exchange for more land to be used as residences. We must, in turn, equally distribute the lands that we have that are not even used right now and use them for the purposes we have that wreck our waterways. We must have faith in God too and pray to Him to guide us in our journey to achieve success.

Like in the story of Jacob, wherein he sinned a lot, like when he, who wanted the Patriarchal Blessing intended for his brother that will give him the right to bear children and own the lands, devised a plan with his mom to steal it, we are sometimes faced temptation, and we sin. Just like him, I sometimes am lazy to do my homework and tend to procrastinate, but it is not too late. God most, if not all the time, chooses the imperfect people.  We are all chosen to carry out his will. Just like Jacob, we are sent on a journey that will change us to what he wants us to be, to be fit to carry out His will. We sin, but God always has a way to let us learn from it, and he makes us be better afterwards. Jacob may have been a sinner. Just from the name itself, Jacob meaning heel grabber or in other words cheater. He must have ran way with the Patriarchal blessing, but God made him stay with his uncle, Laban for 14 years wherein he had to work under Laban doing chores for him. This was a taste of his own medicine, but was it bad? The answer is no. It actually made him, from a weak mommy’s boy into a strong man. God even made him rich with all the black sheep when he escaped from his uncle. God always has a plan for us that is the best. It will always be good for you and for everyone.  God loves Jacob wholeheartedly and Jacob in return.  God loves us too. We are His children, but most of the time we do not realize it. We instead blame God for our sufferings and think it is God’s punishment. This is wrong. We must return it. Even in times of hardship right now, especially after the disasters that struck our country in which we blame him for our own doings, we must see God’s plan. His unconditional love will never fail us. We must have faith in God that everything will be all right and for the better. I realize now that all the books that got wet is actually for the better. Our house, which was getting too overcrowded, is now very spacious with all the useless books done. There is always a brighter side to everything that goes according to God’s plan. All we have to do is look for it and realize it.

After all this, I feel it is appropriate to write down a short poem maybe even a haiku, and so here it goes:

Life goes by so fast.
We do not even see it,
But God’s love is there.

This Reflection Paper was written on October 26, 2009 (freshman year)


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