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The Capital Sin Envy

Definition of Envy:
Envy is having the feeling of wanting something that you don’t have that others do. It means to have the feeling of discontent when you don’t have something others do. It can also mean uneasiness, spite and resentment at seeing the success of someone, and it is also accompanied with some hatred.

Situations Where Envy is Manifested
1. Achievements or things that people can’t achieve
2. Rivalry
3. Hatred
4. Not satisfied with the things he/she possesses
5. Greed

Effects of Envy:
Envy tends to make a person who doesn’t possess something he wants, fight, harm or tries to get that item from the person who has it or achieved it. Many people tend to also try to wreck someone’s life because they want something that that person owns or has. When doing so, they cause the person who is envious to hate the other person and in return that person hates the envious person too. An example can be found at school. One can be when someone gets a higher score than someone else in the quiz, the person might want to take revenge and hurt the person who has a higher score in him or cheat at him in the test to get the same grade as him.

How to Avoid This:
1. A person can learn to be satisfied with his possessions like instead of a kid asking for a new toy, he could just be contented with his or her old ones.
2. People can also not brag about his achievements to avoid the other party to be envious.
3. Lastly, people can do their best in achieving their goal instead of being envious at someone who achieved the goal they wanted.
The Cardinal Virtue that Can Overcome Envy:
The Cardinal Virtue that suits best in overcoming envy is Temperance. We think that Temperance is the right Cardinal Virtue because it helps in achieving humility which can be one of the ways to avoid people from being envious of having tha possession.


The Group Report of The Capital Sin Envy by David Gozali, Nicolas Tiutan, Donald Felbum, Jeremy Co and Daniel Dee (7th Grade)


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