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Who The…. Oh Shoot

It was a bright, glistening, school morning as the wind whispered in my ear. It was about half the first quarter when the thought of the day being a wonderful day turned out to be quite an unusual experience that was actually quite embarrassing on my part. Who would have thought that the morning sun would have actually prepared something for me that day, something funny to some, but peculiar on my part? I did not.

I woke up with the same usual routine that day, and I slept soundly in the car to school normally. The usual happened; I entered school and sat on my table and tried to listen to teacher, as the sleepiness at the back of my mind was kicking in to be allowed to take over my body. Being sleepy of course means that I will not be able to think straight. Apparently, that morning, I was quite sleepier than usual and thus led to my very embarrassing experience.

Science walked up the door of my class after other subjects have finished sharing its knowledge to us. Mr. Quijano, my Science teacher, was teaching a new lesson today, and he decided to teach us differently. The reserved Macs were distributed to us that day as we were allowed to use them. As he started discussing, he told us to open this site filled with sounds and animations. Obviously those without earphones would play the sounds out loud and as the different sounds of the different parts of the animation was slamming its way into the doors of my ears, my patience was rapidly losing its way. After a few minutes of patience eating moments, the silence finally took over the classroom. Peace at last, I thought to myself. As Mr. Quijano continued to discuss the animations in the site, an abrupt replay of annoying sounds played once more, this time, much louder than a normal Mac. With emptied patience, I shouted and jumped on my seat: “Who the…” Without finishing the sentence, the thought finally came to me of who actually did it. It was Mr. Quijano. In my head, phrases of: “among all days” and “among all times” and “among all people” flooded. Laughter soon filled the air as all I do was say, “Oh shoot!” What could I do except to sink in my own seat with embarrassment.

Sleepiness can lead to a clouded mindset or a blank head sometimes. A blank head can lead to not thinking straight. Not thinking straight can lead to committing mistakes. Committing mistakes can lead to embarrassing moments. Embarrassing moments could lead to forever remembering that mistake. I sure would not want to have that mistake again.


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