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Getting Ready

Reflections on the Readings of the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time for 2012

I believe the message of this is rather a warning or a “be careful for his could happen” where it is telling us that there comes a time when it is judgement day where Jesus will come with his angles and separate the good and the bad. The Scripture invites us make a sacrifices that matter and not simple petty ones, just like the sacrifice made by the One (that refers to Jesus) who simply made one but that one is of much more value than all the other repetitive sacrifices we make. I think we are invited to change our ways and also be closer to Jesus who has made the ultimate sacrifice and will come to save us if we are good. I feel what I should be doing right now is to start out changing my ways to become closer to God and Jesus and understand Him more and make more sacrifices for Him. I should also make sacrifices that count and not simple ones and prepare for the day when judgement is to be made, and pray that I may satisfy what God expects of us.


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