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Technology, Fast Pased Improving

Since the start of this article, something struck me greatly. I was thinking on what it meant when it said: A change is gonna come. I continued reading and discovered that it was referring to the advancement of technology. It described the change of work physically like buying the hard disc to simply downloading. Now that I come to think of it, the article has a point. Just less than 50 years ago, we were ‘old fashioned.’ Now we simply use the computer. I started thinking that technology has its benefits. It made things faster and easier for us, but it made us lazy. We research now for an hour or two instead of hours. We save time, but we also trust it too much to the point that we don’t check how reliable it is. And then it struck me. The question remained in my head until now. What do you think will stay and what will go? For me, books will always remain. It is too valuable to be gone. It is also a much more reliable source. The things that might go are telephones that aren’t wireless. CDs may go. It is, at the moment, being replace right now by USB. The next thing you know it, our cars are playing USBs.

I think ten years from now, the earth will be very ‘high-tech’. We might be making use of nanotechnology too. Right now it is being studied. Who knows, later on it will be a reliable work of art. The only reason I regret in the advancement of technology is that it is slowly destroying the earth. I feel that we have to be aware of the effects of advancement in technology and check if it is balanced with the environment proportionally.

Reaction Paper written on July 10, 2009 (freshmean year)


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