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These sites for me are reliable because there sources are very trusted and have a name to keep up to thus avoiding mistakes. Some are made by government agencies or foundations while others, the National Center for Research Resources, a component of the National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services. Some of these aren’t only written or typed by random authors who may have no credibility. Many authors also said that they might be mistaken, but to have gotten information from the government must be reliable.

The information is also the same with not only one site but with different sites. This must mean that it is correct. The site is also easy to use. It is does not only type everything down in one entire paragraph. It also is separated into different sections and are guided with either subtopic titles or questions that may help the reader navigate better and lessening the boredom. It has also links that may lead to other sites with more information in case needed. Another site says on the other hand that this site is an official non-profit organization. The sites here also show copyright of 2008 while others even 2010. This just proves it is recent and thus have been updated. This information is useful for my purpose because it not only defines what my topic is but also gives examples and incidents where this was used. This is also better than under sites since we know it was recently updated. I should use this information because it is not only brief but accurate but also very easy to understand.


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