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X-ELECT (Cloning)

Cloning, the production of a group of genetically the same cells or organisms that all came from a single individual. The memebers of a clone should have excatly the same characteristics, except if there was a mutation or if an environmentally caused developmental variation occured. There can be cloning in nature or cloning done through artificial techniques. Natural cloning happens with plants and animals. With plants for example, when a stem grows horizontally along the surface of the soil and at the interbals produce roots and upright stalks, and then the sections between the stalks disintegrate, the separated individual makes up a clone. With animals on the other hand, tissue-level reproduction mode may take place. A part of a starfish for example gets cut off, both parts will grow to make a whole new starfish, thus making there be two starfishes. Artificail techniques however is a different aspect of cloning. One way of cloning animals is through Nuclear transplantation wherein nuclei from a cell of one individual are transferred to unfertilized eggs whose nuclei have been removed.

Researching on cloning, I feel that the best print source of information is from an encyclopedia. An encyclopedia is usually very reliable. It has gone under editing and usually doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. It is also updated often thus allowing the information gotten to be accurate and updated. Encyclopedias are also not used to give previews to readers about certain topics, but to enlighten the reader on the topic. In encyclopedias, as much information about the topic is given. This is why the volumes of an encyclopedia about the things around us reach more than 20 books. These not only show that encyclopedias are reliable but also complete.


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