A learner willing to learn more


Time changes quickly. In time, things come and go as swift as lightning strikes the ground. Different things replace each other. Though some stay the same, not everything do. New ways are made to help improve the past form of technology, whether in medicine, reasearch, education or other things. The focus though in my case that these changes affect me in is education.

The time of the video editing era has come. Now, the new way of studying will be through the use of technology. What does this mean? The future of studying will involve many technological advancements. Xavier is now trying to adapt to these changes to be the best in can be and to skyrocket each and every student to reach his full potential. As you know, many projects will entail the use of videos. Xavier has given me the oppurtunity to improve on that.

This first quarter of my sophomore year, I got Computer as my X-Elect or Elective. This has not only given me the chance to learn to reseach better, but also has given me the opportunity to learn video editing. Through the course of this elective, I have learned how to not only join videos together, nor add subtitles to the video, but also to trim videos, use green screen and many other ways of editing a video. The use of the green screen is actually really cool. I have never really done it before and I always wondered how it was done. I guess it actually isn’t that hard. Putting a video within a video is also really cool. I can actually be like the people in the news who report while another one is showing the thing reported on.

Though it may have taken much time and effort, it was fun videoing ourselves and editing the videos as we explore then different advancements in the technology available to us. Hopefully you enjoyed watching the video and one day, with me, be able to use these new ways of learning to help us.


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